Excavation Contractor in Fargo, ND

Site Development

Looking to expand your yard, prepare to build on your property, or clear a lot? Then look to Black Iron Dirt for your land transformation. We will complete all the phases of your land and lot clearing project from start to finish. Because of our effective communication and efficient work ethic, we will complete your land or lot clearing project by your desired deadline.

Slab On Grade Foundation

Have a high water table or poor soil quality? Building a garage, shed, or barn? Then a slab on grade foundation may be right for you! Besides being very economical, it is also very quick.  Once your slab on grade is poured you are ready for construction! Lastly,  slab on grade has green benefits including radiant heating, which creates an ecological and cost efficient way to help heat your home. 


To prepare for your next project, our team of professionals will take part in using our equipment to clear the necessary land of trees, bushes, rocks ad other obstacles. Leveling dirt & land may be necessary as well, depending on the project. 

Slab on grade foundations are cost-efficient and incredibly sturdy. Not to mention being very low maintenance. They even offer green benefits such as radiant heating. 

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