Yard Installation Services in Fargo, ND


If you are looking for an affordable option for your lawn, then regular seeding would be a good option. With the right type of seed and maintenance, you can have a plush lawn within a couple of seasons. Although seeding has a lower germination rate compared to hydroseeding and a higher frequency of weeds, this is the best option if you are willing to put in the effort after the seeding is completed by a professional.

Hydro Seeding

Also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydroseeding involves a special technique using fertilizer and mulch. Having much more nutrients, the germination rate is higher compared to normal seeding, and it’s offspring has little to no weeds. Although hydroseeding requires the work of a professional, this is an excellent option for both short and long term benefit. Although most people opt to sod or seed, hydroseeding is the best option if you want to meet the cost effectiveness of seeding with the great benefits of sodding.

Sod Installation in Fargo, ND

Just like with hydroseeding, if you decide to lay sod on a pre-existing lawn you will have to go to the bare surface. This is again because you want to eliminate any chance or pre-existing weeds entering your new sod. 

Again, like hydroseeding, sod is very effective after new construction. If your budget allows, this is the fastest return for a beautiful lawn instantly! It is recommended to do it in the spring and fall, but can still be completed in the summer.


Hydroseeding is a faster process as the seeds, mulch, fertilizer, water & biostimulants are all sprayed at the same time & involves less maintenance overtime.

You will notice blades of grass beginning to sprout around 7 days. 

Your new sod should be watered twice a day for 20 minutes. Stay off your new sod for about 3 weeks. The 3 week mark is when you can do your first mow.

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